About UWH

Underwater hockey is suitable for both men and women, all ages and levels of fitness.  We have people from 12 to 67 playing in the same game, wearing glasses is no barrier, and one player can only use one leg!

Underwater hockey  is played with a lead puck and a short stick; swimmers wear a mask (can have prescription lens), snorkel and fins. We are set up to train absolute beginners and supply all the kit for the session. It has all the virtues of swimming to keep fit but is actually fun!  Here is a promo video

Other interesting facts

  • Underwater Hockey is widely known as Octopush by old-timers
  • Underwater Hockey on wikipedia
  • Insurance and regulation is provided by the British Octopush Association
  • Equipment is available from the BOA shop
    • but you can buy a good mask, fins and snorkel from any dive shop
    • more advice on kit here.
  • The rules are available here but we don’t seem to need them. We just try to get it into the goal the other end.

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